About Me

Hiya folks, and welcome to The Phoenix Spirit Blog.  I am so excited to have found a platform where I can share tutorials, tips, inspirations and random thoughts with you.  I have named this blog The Phoenix Spirit for a few reasons.  One, the mythological Phoenix represents transformation, and the natural cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth, which are ideals I hold close to my heart.  Two, the Phoenix represents fire and Spirit represents air, which are the two elements I most identify with and that feed me with creative passion and visionary inspiration.

So let me introduce myself: my name is Lenora and I am a thirty-something mother of a tween daughter named Sophia, who is beautiful inside and out, and continually inspires with her love and creative force.  My boyfriend, Jonathan, was coincidentally my first love at 12 years old.  After a 25 year separation, we are enjoying our reunion and finding we suit each other quite well as adults.

In addition to being a mother and a companion, I also have a passion for writing, reading, and all things crafty and domestic.  I was born with a hippie soul, and a philosopher's heart.  I love the enigma that is my life.  I enjoy playing in the dirt, and dressing up; I like playing sports, and shopping for hours; solitude is precious to me, yet I love being around my big family.  Take me four-wheeler riding in the country on a sunny day and I’m a happy girl.  I’ve been known to drop a few f-bombs, yet I seek grace in every area of my life.  If Audrey Hepburn and Jerry Garcia had conceived a cosmic love child it would have been me.  I am a walking paradox to say the least!
I study spirituality, mythology, dreamwork, crystal energy, archetypal psychology, cottage witchery and many other topics.  While I love to read and study, creating is when I feel the most free and alive.  Whether I am writing, designing, photographing or planning, the creative process - bringing something to life - is when my world is filled with light.
I welcome as much light in my life as possible, for I have seen and wrestled with more than a few shadows.  For a small town gal from south-central Illinois, I sure have found a lot of adventure in this lifetime.  The adventures lead to what mythologist Joseph Campbell referred to as “The Hero’s Journey.”  For the last five years I have traveled this formidable, and often times frightening road.  I have battled dragons and demons, and have learned how to truly be my own heroine.  The quest of transformation is not always an easy one, but the peace found within is most definitely worth the trials.  Recovery and personal transformation is a road not all are ready for, but you know when it is your time.  If you are hearing the call... don’t hesitate to begin the quest.  I quote Basil King: “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”  He wasn’t kidding. Leap and the net will appear.
Recently divorced after a thirteen year marriage, I am in the midst of yet another life transition.  I have come to find that there is an order to change.  The system of grief is necessary to move past what no longer serves us.  This is how we grow.  We allow the old beliefs to die in order to make way for the new.
So as is custom on the Hero’s Journey, I will now share my wisdom and the boons that assisted me along the way.  My creative perspective is what I have to offer in this blog.  Some of it is silly and surface, some of it is quite serious with depth.  Take it as you will, and you are always welcome back for more.

Infinitely Yours,
Lenora ∞