Sunday, June 10, 2012

St. Louis Pagan Picnic

Genevieve Esson painting Jon bought us
Posing with Witchy Author Ellen Dugan
Wow whatta day!  Jon and I attended the 20th Annual Pagan Picnic in St. Louis at Tower Grove Park yesterday.  It seemed as if the picnic grew twice the size from last year.  These times, they are'a changin'.  We were able to sit in on a workshop with my favorite witchy author, Ellen Dugan, who lectured on Mysteries of Midsummer.  She is such a hoot.  So funny!

Ametrine point
We spent a good part of the day cruising Vendor Row, and shopping at the over 80 vendor stands.  If I can do anything, I can shop.  Found all kinds of goodies, including Ellen's new book Seasons of Witchery.  I also found a amazing ametrine point.  I didn't realize how hard ametrine was to find.  The piece is gorgeous.

If you ever get the chance to attend this free event, I highly recommend doing so.  The energy is so peaceful and loving, and the attractions are worth the trip.

Little 'ol me wearing one of the skirts I sewed this spring

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  1. Love Love Love the painting. This was 20 year anniversary. Bummed I didn't get to go, but there's next year and great news to hear it's growing!!