Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gateway to the West

The Gateway Arch

Last weekend my tribe headed west again for some fun in downtown St. Louis.  We started at the Gateway Arch, the size of which always completely blows my mind.  (That's what she said... oh that was bad)  Beneath the Arch is the Museum of Westward Expansion.  Sophia studied the Lewis & Clark Expedition in school this past year, so she was very interested in seeing the artifacts and displays.

After the Arch, and a picnic by the Mississippi River, we headed toward Keiner Plaza, a fountain filled stop before reaching the City Garden.  The City Garden was developed in 2009 when St. Louis hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.  The Garden is an amazing place, with amazing sculptures and flora.  It was another great day in St. Louie, Louie.
My Obsession with the Horned One continues
Lewis, Clark, Seaward & Sophia
Fountain dancing at The City Garden
Eros Bendato at The City Garden
Soaking it up at Keiner Plaza
I'm a real boy!  Jon Boy taking a break at The City Garden
And last, but not least, my precious White Rabbits in The City Garden.
What's that... I'm wanted in Wonderland... again!?

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