Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Baaaaack

Smudge Wands created during SouLodge
Hello fellow humans... I'm back after a bit of a writing hiatus, in more ways than one.  I have spent the past month or so transitioning.  Ahhh transition... the task is becoming easier.  As I have previously mentioned, Sophia and I have spent the last ten months living with a friend.  This transition occurred when we moved out of the family home, and I filed for divorce last April.  Not a terribly, lovely time in my life, but definitely a welcome change.

I was given a place to stay by a dear friend, and it was at first only going to be for a couple months, August max... then October... then December... then March.  My daughter just gave up hope and adapted.  Smart girl.  Funny story though.  I was at work, just kind of daydreaming about what kind of place I wanted to rent mixed with what I could afford.  My ideas were idealistic, as always: big yard to roam around and practice my path in, window facing the sunrise, window facing the sunset, modern interior, small enough to be cozy and efficient, big enough to breathe in, open sky to view the stars, rent within certain amount, nice, quiet neighborhood... but not too quiet... my family is rather boisterous when they visit, neighborhood roads that were bike-riding friendly, not too far from school, closer to my mom.... the daydreaming went on for a while.  Then the phone rang, and I stopped writing on the bright pink sticky note to answer.  I work at an advertising shopper.  I do graphic design and office work.  A young man was calling from the town I lived in wanting to advertise a small two bedroom house for rent.  Reeeeeaaaaallllly.  How much?  Reeeeeaaaaallllly.  Hmmm.... Sophie and I toured the place that evening, and the following Friday we were moving in.  True story.  The daydream manifested almost instantly.  Absolutely amazing.  Divine timing at work indeed.
Alligator Mask created during SouLodge
And we adore the house.  Yes it is small, about the size of a nice apartment, and yes the yard is big... I will be buying a sturdy push mower and some muscles next month, thank you, but I have a cute little place where Sophie, Jon and I can hunker down.  Decorating is next.  Lots of DIY fun on the way.  HA!

We have adapted rather quickly, and it feels so good to have my own space again.  As much as I appreciated my friend's hospitality and generosity, it just wasn't my space and I haven't felt free to move about in a very long time.

Along with the move, I have also been busy taking part in SouLodge, an e-course by Pixie Campbell taking participants around the medicine wheel.  It was a journey to be sure.  I recognized 8 and possibly 9 of my animal totems.

This course was so good for me, and I recommend it to anyone who is currently doing any conscious soul work.  The lessons and crafts were enlightening and the connections made within the 100 wild woman circle were so meaningful and touching to me.  I will probably be going back for the spring session as well.  Thank you Pixie.  It was just what I needed.  You are beautiful!  If you are interested here is Pixie's link.

Self Portrait Channeling the Crone during SouLodge
One last thing I must talk about today.  I am writing again!  Yip, yip yippie!  I was in the midst of a beautiful creative process when in October of 2010 I just stopped.  I had a lot of emotional turmoil going on inside at that time and for many months afterward, and I believe it blocked my creativity.  I had to get the shit cleared before I could continue.  I did not realize this then.  It was hard to convince myself that it would be okay, to just hang on, to just hold out... it will get better.  Well my inner voice was right.  The bitter divorce is over, I am finally back on my feet and in my own place, and almost magically the drive came sneaking up inside me last Sunday.  I picked up part five of my book where I had left off, and started making revisions.  I spent about three hours with the hard copy and at the computer.  It was amazing to finally feel "in-touch" with the creation again.  I felt like a little spark had been lit.  Like the fog was lifting, and the wild woman was beckoning me to follow her lead.  It is good.  It is true.  It is a process and I will trust the process.

Oh!  And I also celebrated my third year of sobriety on Feb. 3!  Happy Imbolc for me:)

Phew... it's been a busy late winter, and I just can't wait to see was spring has to offer!

Coming soon: My Persephone and Hecate Connection.... oh and house pictures!!!  Did I tell you I started an Etsy store?  Oh my.. it's good to be back.

Here is my Etsy link.... we have several more things to list, pretty hippy skirts, yoga bag, aprons.  Will try to get listed this weekend.  Not much confidence here yet, but it is growing!


  1. Thanks for sharing, inspired by your success, though that sounds like a completion and it sounds like so many good things just beginning... I want to see your etsy store... am I missing a link somewhere?

  2. wow, what a first post to read here! lol

    and wow, to what an amazing few years it has been for you. firstly, huge congrats on the sobriety, man you have my deepest respect.
    congrats on being free of an unbeneficial relationship and on finding your own space and on writing again - three amazingly powerful things. i'm assuming sophie is the daughter :)

    i've known pixie for a while now in bloggy land. she's got some sweet energy that woman. her course does sound wonderful, something i could have used 10 years ago.

    you must have read pinkola estes as well right?

    anyway,glad you commented on mine so that i found you too.

    may your energy keep shining ever brighter this cycle and onward.