Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well Hello Kitty

Here are some fun images from Sophia's Hello Kitty Birthday Bash.  Most of the decor was DIY.  The amazing cake was from Wally World.  (I am many things, but a baker is not one of them.)  This party was so fun to decorate for.

Tissue balls took the place of balloons this year.  Eight sheets of tissue paper, folded accordion style, staple a ribbon in the middle, round off the edges, then pull each sheet gently toward the center and shape until jussssst right.
The heart shaped ice floater was made with a cake mold.  We used Hawaiian Punch, and real strawberries, froze them overnight, and dipped the mold in hot water the next day to remove.
My beautiful Sophia.
Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty!  This project was so easy.  I used Tacky Glue to adhere zebra printed steamers to the board, creating a border.  I used a shiny, magenta colored ribbon to accent the border.  Freehanded the Hello Kitty with markers.  At the party we had a bucket of markers, and let the girls decorate the precut bows and add their name.  Scotch tape was added to the back of the bows to attach to the posterboard.  This project turned out fantastic.
Love, love, love tulle & lights!
This was easy, peasy lemon squeezy too.  We used just a regular white bag.  Freehand the eyes, nose and whiskers with markers.  The bows I cut out from the wrapping paper I used to wrap Sophia's presents.  (Found the pink cheetah print at Hobby Lobby).  Attached the bow with a glue stick.  The center is black tissue paper, also attached with a glue stick.


  1. What great ideas! Posting to facebook I'm sure someone would be able to use these ideas! Happy Belated Birthday Sophia!!

  2. Great Idea!! So cute, I'll have to refer back to this post in September. My kiddo wants a HK bday party too!

  3. You have always had a way with decorating things....from way back in jr. high when you designed your own clothes, to your house the night of our 5 yr high school reunion, I was so impressed with the decor! You motivate me, and I need it at this moment