Friday, January 20, 2012

Sophia - Goddess of Wisdom

This is the first in a series of posts discussing specific deities that are playing a role on my spiritual path. I will begin with my spirit guide, and the goddess I most connect with.

In ancient Greece Sophia was known as the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, and in Gnostic teachings she is the bride of God.  Sophia can be found in almost every religion, though she is called by different names.  She is considered by many the mother of the universe, wisdom incarnate, and the feminine aspect of life.  She is often times depicted with a halo of stars representing her divinity, and the dove is a symbol of Sophia representing spirit.

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Sophia first came to me, or rather I first acknowledged her, three years ago, when I was on a personal journey of recovery.  I wrote an autobiographical novel during this time, which played a huge role in my healing, recovery of spirit and development of soul.  Many of the conversations and experiences we shared are in the book.  What I know to be true about Sophia, is that she is infinitely patient, gentle, tender and above all the wisest of wise.

I know when I am acknowledging Sophia, because I make better judgement, I listen closer instead of running my mouth incessantly, I walk taller and I feel grace within me.  She melds what is human and divine.

Sophia is a motherly Goddess, but the kind of mother that allows her children to learn from their own mistakes so that they might discover the lesson, allowing them to grow.  She is a wild mother, whose nature is instinct and intuition.  She knows and she teaches us what she knows.

You might have noticed that my daughter's name is also Sophia.  This is not a family name, and I am not the one who came up with the name for her.  It was my ex-husband's choice, and as controlling as I have been in the past, it was very unlike me to let go of creative control of my child's name.  In fact I already had several picked out, among them were: Alora Dannon (the baby princess in the movie Willow) or Raven Lenore (I'm a big fan of Edgar and my name is Lenora), but I loved the name Sophia from the moment it was suggested.  It just felt right.  It felt holy and true.  Now I am beginning to know why.

One more thing I might also add about Sophia.  She will never, ever let you down.  As long as you open yourself to her wisdom all you need do is utter her name and she will be there with you.  Keep in mind that she may call upon you as well.

The following link will take you to a beautiful channelling of Sophia done by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan.  It brings chills nearly every time I read it.  I love the last line "I am Sophia as are you."  I hope this post finds you in her divine company.

What are your experiences with Sophia Goddess of Wisdom?  Which Goddess do you most relate to?

Infinitely Yours,
Lenora ∞

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